Kill Me 


All I do is fight for you

And break my heart in two

Would you tell me that you love me

I would break you too

All is war and war is all

That hides behind my soul

Never would I give myself in

I am not your whore




Why don’t you kill me

Right here, right now

Come on take my life

I’m no one at all anyhow

Please let me die

Become someone new

Someone holy

And let me be loved

For I know the Gods

Love martyrs only


And I will bend down to you

So pierce my heart right through


What are you waiting

Is it the coward

Hiding in thy

Come on take your knife

Cut out my life

And send me free

What are you fearing

Is it the monster living in me?

Come on cut me open

Take out my insides

And send it free


I no longer wish to be

That big, black monster calling me

So please, kill me




Oh, Other Me, why don’t you love me

Oh, Other Me, can’t you just love me